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We are avid pilots, we wake up in the morning thinking about flying, and usually don’t stop thinking about flying until we go to sleep… then we just dream about it some more. With hundreds of hours in the air each we have become accomplished pilots. We enjoy the thrill of someone’s first trip up in the air, almost as much as they do! are crew has flown from 4 year old with there mom or dad in a triplet flight to poeple in their 80″s looking for nice experiences. Youngster looking for more extreme flights with some acro involved to find those amazing Gravity forces.

We are specialist in what we do & always looking at small details: Tandem flying , instructional flights , beginners courses .. we also teach pilots who are looking to expand their skills in thermic flying for cross country.

With over 10 years of experience flying in costa rica , we know and provide instructional service to all the top sites of the country , many of which we are the first ones to pioneer and explore their skyes .

Not many pilots in this country know about are special sites in the Chirripo mountains , the 4 highest launches in the country with some of the biggest XC potential gaining in mid summer up to 25 2600m . Plenty of altitude to play around and to acrobatic maneuvers for those who are more experienced pilots and passengers who are looking for an extream Gravity forced flight ..


Are schools bigginer course will teach you how to kite a paraglider in the perfect grass hills that are key for doing 30 second flights , after that we will providea ride to Caldera wile we keep talking about theory and experiences .. this is the perfect place to do your first short flights to land on the long and safe beach , in are 4th or 5th day of classes you will have: already flown several hours alone, done a couple of instructional tandems with a professional pilot instructor, know the basic theory and kitting which is the most essential at first for your take offs and landings . 1366x768 IMG_5988


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