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Our favorite site to do tandem flights is in Dominical.  It is roughly 13oo feet above the ocean, offers spectacular views of the Tinamaste mountain range and water falls, the glorious coastal line that derives all the way to the Osa penisula!

At this site we launch in the hills thermal and soar the clean ocean wind, sight seeing jungle , amazing costallines, the wales tale ,many different birds and at times several monkey families .

Landing on the clean sandy beaches , nothing like going for a swim right after an amazing flight through the sky!


Rivas launch pad .


Rivas is an enchanting place to fly over and around the Chirripo National Park of Costa Rica, these mountain offers 4 good but yet advanced launches were we do tandems and fly cross country in the perfect valley clouds of summer time .

Tirra de Rivas is one of are favorite sites , wind soaring right off launch with soft clean wind from the valley , then we push out to the mountain peaks and thermal the valley heat .. thermals recorded as high as +8m a sec in mid summer and gaining up to 2500m over ocean .

You can also count with 3 awesome little rooms in Rivas 5 min from launch with breakfast included for 25 $




Jarding is the highest launch in the country take off at 2400meters right under the Cerro de la muerte highway , only for solo flying and very experienced paraglider pilots . Cross country oportunities are expectacular and many new valleys to be explored ..



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